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Review of “Sometimes in the dark” on “Talesin meets the vampire”

A nice review about our film “Sometimes in the dark”. It comes from “Talesin meets the vampires”.
Here some words:

“Haunting, I think this is the take-away word from this Italian feature. Listed on Amazon as both horror and arthouse, there is a layer of folk horror to it but that perhaps is tempered by moments that might be said to be Lynchian and, though it has explosive moments of violent horror, it mostly meanders through its running length in a way somewhat reminiscent of Tarkovsky’s Stalker (in pace and atmosphere rather than topic). In fairness it perhaps does not have the genius, the auteur vision of Tarkovsky – then not many do – but it is a brave, strong film that in its oneiric stylings will lose many an audience member but equally draw many in.”

You can watch the film here:

Amazon Prime video, Future today, UVOtv, Discovered, Xumo, Reveel,Cineverse, Darkroom, Tubi, WOCOO, Popsy On Plex



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